Important Information

Now updated for the 2018-19 season!

  • Starting date: October 23, 2018.
  • We play on Tuesday evenings and the draw starts at 7pm. Late draw (if there is one) will start after the ice is cleaned from the first game finished in the 7pm draw.
  • Payment is due BEFORE you play/at the first draw and it is preferred that you pay as early as possible once you get your invoice so there is not a rush on the first day of curling. Let’s try to be the first league all paid up! Invoices (if they are being done) will be sent by the Portage Curling Club to the email you gave the PLCC membership person when you registered your team. CASH, CHEQUE or e-TRANSFER ONLY – no plastic. e-transfers to manager at portagecurlingclub dotcom
    Manager indicated that fees have not changed for this season.

    • 4-person team $290/player
    • 5-person team $245/player
    • 6-person team $210/player
    • Current curler bringing a new curler to the club – $20 off your fees
  • Lockers can be rented for $20 per year ($19.05 + .95 GST), payable at or before you register. Make sure to let the Manager know when you pay that you’d like a locker, so she can make up a correct invoice/receipt for you. Let her know your locker number as well.
  • We have two divisions (Tier 1 & Tier 2) and teams are placed in one or the other based on points. There are at least 2 rounds per year; therefore, teams have the opportunity to be promoted or relegated at least once. Teams are eligible for playoffs in the Tier they are in during the last Round.
  • We use the Page Playoff system for our Club playoffs, one draw per Tier. The top 4 teams in each Tier go to the playoffs.
  • Winners of Tier 1 Playoffs are the ladies representatives from our Club to the Travelers’ Championship play downs.


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