This year points will be placed on a spreadsheet on the PLCC’s Google Drive – it’s easier.

The link is goo.gl/3DiVC6  Please make sure your third (or whomever) writes down your points after every game. You can also see the draw by clicking on the tab at the bottom that says Round 1.x

Draw Committee


Roster & Round 1

All players who supplied the PLCC with their email address should now have received an email with the current roster and Round 1 draw attached. If you have a team member without an email, please make sure they receive the info in that email.

The draw for Round 1 can also be viewed at:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OnWuyfj2YbjifhNa6CDQHt50G5mxLc6DFIzwnKBNQqc/edit?usp=sharing

Sheri OBO the PLCC Draw Committee

October 31st game

Halloween is on a Tuesday this year. If you would like your game to start later, please get in touch with your opposition Team Contact to arrange that. If your game isn’t going to start until (say) 8:30, you might consider ringing the late draw game contacts to see if they might like to use your sheet at 7pm.

Advance notice that we will not be playing on Dec 26th and possibly not the first week in January.

Sheri OBO the Draw Committee

First night snacks! :)

Hello Ladies,
After our first night of curling (October 24th) the Portage Ladies Curling Club would like to purchase each team 2 baskets of wings to welcome everyone back. After the games the tables in the Tavern will be set up by sheet. At each table there will be 2 wing vouchers per team (4 vouchers on each table). When you order your wings please give the vouchers to your server so that the Portage Ladies Curling Club is billed for your wings.
We hope that everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable summer and we’ll see you on the ice!!
Deanne Foster, OBO the PLCC Banquet & Entertainment committee

PS: If you’re one of the two teams on the late draw, feel free to come before your game.

Confirmed teams 2017-18 – Oct 17

Confirmed/Registered Teams

  1. Rintoul
  2. Martin
  3. Graham
  4. Miller
  5. De Graeve
  6. Bacon
  7. Hulme
  8. Trimble-Olson
  9. Laramee
  10. Shackleton
  11. Galbraith-Harp
  12. Kontzie
  13. Barrault
  14. Lelièvre
  15. Dickenson
  16. Sadler
  17. Shaw-Lyons
  18. Sissons

I have someone who would like to curl on a team of 5 or 6 as she can’t commit to every Tuesday and another player who can play on a team of 4. Always looking for more teams or spares. Email the PLCC email address if you can help.

Spare list

  1. Penner
  2. Chambers
  3. O’Reilly
  4. Love
  5. Wainwright
  6. Pelley
  7. Hanneson
  8. Verwey
  9. Letwin
  10. Bell